Helping you Become a Better Cyclist
Keep your bike in top condition so you can make the most of your limited riding time.

Most of us don't want to spend time working on our bikes and take away from our precious riding time. 

The truth is that if you don't know how to take care of the basics on your own you will have to rely on someone else. Cycling is an empowering sport, and relying on others is not always the best solution.
Proper care prevents problems.

Most riders just get on their bikes and ride. They know very little about their bike and have never taken the time to learn how to properly lube the chain and do very basic gear adjustments or even change a flat.  Then they complain they when they miss a ride because their bike is in the shop or have problems with gears or something worse.

Cycling is a fun and empowering sport, thats why Victor created the Basic Bicycle Maintenance course. To help people like you become more empowered self sufficient cyclists.

Introducing Basic Bicycle Maintenance For Road Cyclists and Triathletes
Once you go through the course you will have a much better understanding of how to maintain and do basic repairs on your road bike.

An online course to help you learn the basics of maintaining your bike.

Some of the things you will learn
How to Change a Flat
You will have a good understanding of how to change a flat including putting wheels on and off and even how to prevent flats!
How to Properly Clean and Lube Your Bike
You will learn the importance of keeping your bike clean, how to select proper lube, and when and how to lubricate your chain.
How to Care for Carbonfiber
Modern road bikes are often made from carbon or have some carbon components. Learn how to avoid failures and inspect for problems.
How to Keep Your Brakes in Optimal Working Order
Learn some simple pro tricks for maintaining your brakes.
Understand Gears and Perform Basic Adjustments
Have a better grasp on how your shifting systm works and how to do basic adjustments.
How to Diagnose Problems and Do Roadside Repairs
Learn the most common problems and quick roadside fixes so you never get stuck again.
How to Properly Transport Your Expensive Bike
Most riders just put thier bike in the back of the car. Learn the safest methods for transporting your bike in the car and traveling.
Know what tools you need and which ones you don't.
You do'nt need a shop full of tools to do the basics, just a few select tools.
Clear HD video, audio and .pdf's. Watch on phone or PC. Access anytime with your secure login.
Work at your own pace, takes about 1 hour per week for 6 weeks. You have a year to complete.
If you have questions, you can just email and they will be answered within 24 hours.
Clear consistent teaching format that makes learning easy. Simple small consumable chunks that make technical topics easy to learn.
Created by cycling expert Victor Jimenez, co-host of the top ranked Cycling 360 Podcast (over 2 million downloads) bicycle fitter and industry consultant. 
100% money back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever this course is not what you wanted or is not for you just send an email and you will receive a prompt refund. 
Sign up and get instant access
Four modules, sixteen lessons in a easy to learn video format. Also included are four ebooks to go along with each module.
After you sign up you will immediately receive your login information via email and can start right away.
.......... best of all I felt extremely confident in changing out my back tire. I wouldn't say it only took me five minutes...but I certainly didn't need help and was able to ride back to my car! So yes, I'd say the class has been just what I needed! Thanks so much, Ryan
Thank you for creating the course! I have been searching for a bike maintenance course for a while and it hadn't occurred to me that a course may be available online. I've watched the first two videos for module 1 and it's awesome so far. I'm really happy to have found all this information in one place (and at a reasonable price)!! Thank you :)Leslie  
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